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Our Story

Stay at Mountain Shadows Resort and Rentals and get the best of both worlds: the feeling of seclusion just minutes from downtown Gatlinburg.

About Mountain Shadows Resort and Rentals

Mountain Shadows Resort in the Smoky MountainsMountain Shadows Resort and Rentals occupies a 65-acre paradise inside the city limits of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park boundary is just across the street and all of our views highlight the Park.

Fifteen years ago we took this tract of land and built roads and infrastructure. This land had been farmland that had not been touched in 95 years. Trees from 100-150 years old were everywhere. Well, guess what? We kept these trees and put all of our city water and sewer lines, electric, phone and TV cables underground beneath our roads. We kept every tree possible. We planted no grass so our resort would be surrounded by the same natural beauty as it was when we got here. Not only have we saved as many trees as possible, but with the help of our Homeowner’s Association, we have planted an additional 734 native trees and have plans for even more.

What does this mean to you? It means even though our homes are close together, you keep the sense of being in the woods all by yourself.

Our water is pure (treated from the National Park), our paved streets are protected by Gatlinburg Police and Fire Departments, and if needed, our emergency medical techs are 2 ½ miles away.

What do you think? The perfect place to rent or own – you bet! We challenge you to find a better place in our region.